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Multispan Energy Meter Electronic Measuring Instruments

"DESCRIPTION - 4 Line , 7 Segment LED Display 3 Ph-3W/4W 10 + Parameter with LED indication CT Selectable up to 4000/5 RS-485 MODBUS Communication For More Visit Our Site : Address:-F 101 Rudrakesh Complex 2, Phase... Read More


"The purpose of calibration is to ensure that a measuring device is accurate, reliable and consistent. Any kind of measurement is used in a decision-making process, so it is essential... Read More

Calibration of Measuring Instruments | Eindustries Equipments

Nabl accreditation Calibration & Ventilation Test. Top Rated Industrial Measuring Instruments Online Supplier in India at Best Price at Prism Calibration Service. Founded in the year 2004, "Prism Calibration center",... Read More